ULANO products

ULANO specialises in the production of stencil making chemicals for screen printing.

Major milestones were the introduction of cutting, masking and later capillary films into the world markets.
These remain an integral part of the brand’s product programme.

Capillary Films

Capillary films consist of a photosensitive emulsion pre-coated on a polyester support film. The main advantage over liquid emulsions lies in the very high reproducibility of the stencil parameters and a significant reduction in variables. In addition, stencil making with capillary film requires significantly less time than with liquid photoemulsions.


ULANO produces a wide range of photoemulsions for every type of printing application and for all types of printing inks. High quality standards guarantee consistent and reliable quality.

Indirect Films

Indirect films are a distinctly old but still the fastest stencil system on the market. The film is first exposed, chemically developed and transferred to the screen before being transferred to the mesh. In addition to time saving, indirect films are characterised by a particularly high level of detail reproduction. For a long time, they were widely used in the electronics industry.

Masking and Cutting Films

Using a scalpel or cutting plotter, the image to be printed is removed from the cutting film and transferred to a screen. The transfer agent used is either water or a solvent mixture.