Corporate Guidelines


In our corporate philosophy, quality constitutes an important pillar and forms the basis of all our business activities.
Our primary objective is to satisfy all requirements placed both on us and our products by our customers.
To achieve this goal, we are constantly developing our products, processes and business procedures. 


We are a reliable partner and support the needs of our customers.
Individually tailored service, such as technical advice and product application training, is an important part of our sales policy.
Customer satisfaction and good customer relationships form our top corporate goals. 


Our staff is the basement of the company, the decisive factor for success and driving force.
Without them, customers' requirements for high technological competence, quality, on-time delivery and reliability cannot be achieved.
In delivering these requirements, the safety and health of our staff are paramount. By means of needs-based, individually organised training, we ensure maximum qualification and competence of all our employees.
Ensuring continuous quality improvement, as well as environmental and safety awareness, is a perpetual task for our managers.  


Supply chain

We expect from our suppliers high-quality and correctly delivered raw materials and services in order to supply the highest possible quality of our products.
Partnership with suppliers builds trust and is an important foundation for joint success. 



Being in business also means taking responsibility.
Therefore we have always placed great importance on fulfilling statutory and regulatory requirements, environmentally and resource friendly production processes, as well as safety, environment and health. 



Kissel + Wolf GmbH, together with its affiliated brands KIWO, Albert Rose Chemicals (ARC) and ULANO, seeks to secure and expand its market position in order to generate an adequate profit and thus contribute to the satisfaction of all interested parties.  


Code of Conduct

The Kissel + Wolf Code of Conduct sets out the ethical standards of conduct that is fundamental to how we operate as a company.
This should guarantee mutual respect, honesty and fairness in dealing with fellow members of staff and business partners. 
These corporate guidelines form the basis of how all Kissel + Wolf employees conduct themselves.